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Kitchen & Bathroom Remodel


Kitchen & Bathroom Remodeling

Bathrooms and kitchens are the most used and the most important rooms in your home. Updating them and creating spaces with just the right look and functionality is a big task. Kitchens and bathrooms house an abundance of fixtures that require careful planning and installation. From measurements and layouts, to color and material choices, to water, gas, electricity hookups and appliance installations, kitchen and bathroom remodeling involves a great deal of expertise.

St Charles & St Louis, Missouri Area


Designer, Builder

Our team includes experienced licensed carpenters, plumbers, electricians, and interior designers to answer all of your questions, help you make the right choices, and get the job done right. Whether you are updating the look of your cabinets or restructuring the entire space, our experts will help you with that task. We are here to assist and guide you through every step of the process and to make sure that your needs, your budget, and your timeline are met.

Reporting and Cost Control

We stay abreast of all the new trends and developments in the industry and will bring our expertise to you. Knowledgeable about the specifics of brands and materials on the market, we will make sure that the choices you make are right for you and your home.